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You can’t miss the special type of café located at 76 Rose Street Fitzroy. It has no neighbours for starters, which is rare for the area. And as you approach its peaceful space, the beautiful and impressive street art delicately splashed on the shopfront will wink at your curiosity.

Your first steps inside are greeted with the splendid presentation of colourful cookies, baked muffins and other sugar filled goodness. You can’t help but smile. Just like that, you’ve felt the creativity of Fitzroy and the comfort of Grandma’s place. Now, go and sit down.

Once a destination for full body massages and fallatio, since 2012, Grace has replaced the seediness with a nurturing environment full of sincere smiles, care and benevolence. Believe me. Words like ‘Kind Food’, ‘Baked with Love’ and ‘Without Judgement’ are displayed on the menu and are then expressed by the welcoming staff.

I’ve never seen a modern café menu include milo, freshly squeezed lemonade, berocca and vegemite/cheese toasties before. Combine that with the organic, allergy and dietary friendly options and you get the picture that Grace only wants to look after you.

The choice was difficult, though today I tried the baked eggs. Their foundation is a base of chickpeas, eggplant, tomato & onion cooked in garlic & cumin, then garnished with fresh seasonal herbs & fetta. It’s a serious thank you for the experience! Chase it down with a fine coffee and happiness will have arrived.

With so many choices for breakfast and lunch, there isn’t another café that quite gives you the Fitzroy experience like Grace. It has the edge and creativity that you associate with the district, but it’s the cosy layer of warmth that makes it a must visit.

Grace is located at 76 Rose Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. Hours of Business are: 7am-4pm Weekdays & 8am-5pm Weekends

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