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Loch and Key

Once you begin the unlit walk up the stairs from Bushranger Pub Captain Melville to its much younger, yet oh so significant attachment, you will notice a difference right away. Are you or someone in your group wearing high heels? Hope so, it will add to the effect.

The dark walls and rickety staircase that boom your footsteps will change the mood instantly. Like day to night or electric to acoustic, the adjustment in ambience is effective.

Reach the top and the red spotlight will guide you to a painting of an unknown soldier, the grand golden frame adding to his prestige. It’s random and it works.

If you like your bars to always feel like it’s 3am, then Loch & Key is your place. Much like a forest fairy tale, the hidden black booths and dim lights offer great opportunities to take a wrong turn and get lost. The victory is when you come across the goldenlit, mirror shelved bar that offers the warmth of a fire place. Don’t be fooled by the small sized drinks menu, this is all about quality.

Tonight I tried the ‘Black Magic Woman’, a carnival on the taste buds. A mixture of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Dry Vermouth, Bob Abbott Bitters and Vanilla/Cherry Jam. The only disappointment was when it ended.

Next to the bar is the doorway to the classic Australiana styled veranda looking over the bustle of Franklin Street. It has ample space and the visual of the Queen Victoria Market to your right is a pleasant reminder that you can be in fantasy land…. and in the city too.

Loch & Key is located at 34 Franklin st Melbourne, above Captain Melville.

Hours of Business are:

Wednesday/Thursday, 6pm – 3am, Friday/Saturday, 6pm-5am and Sunday 2pm-late.

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