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Snug Harbor

Call me honey, call me sweetie…. call me whatever you want, because the charm of Snug Harbour got me all giddy the moment I walked in. The same thing will happen to you. With the Southern California sun at your back, the scene of dark green leather booths, an old school bar, swivel chairs and a classic Coca-Cola menu board will take you back to a bygone era. It doesn’t just scream vintage America, it swing dances you to your seat!

In a district these days known more for its affluence and beach time, a major part of Santa Monica’s charm are untouched beauties like this. Similar to Chez Jays and The Galley, Snug Harbour has been filling bellies and watching the world go by since 1941. It’s a special place. The diner’s history and owners’ stories are proudly displayed on the front of each menu….and a delightfully spoilt for choice menu it is. You’ll notice that ‘The Hungry Man’ (eggs, potato and polish sausage), has played an important role in C.J Rudolph’s ownership since the 70’s, so that’s a great way to start. Not wanting to miss out on something sweet, I also ordered a side of banana & maple pancakes with iced sugar and multiple cups of coffee…I’m so glad I did.

When you’re ready to stop eating, sit back, enjoy your food coma, and take it all in. The authentic speakers crackling retro tunes, the regulars clutching walking sticks that don’t need to place their order. This is an old time which should be embraced, and our quirky waitress plays a major part, bouncing from booth to bar filling up everyone’s cups with a knowing smile.

When asked about Snug Harbour’s Wi-Fi code, she sharply responds with, “Honey, we barely have a calculator that works”.

And let’s hope it stays that way.

Snug Harbour is located at 2323 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica Opening hours are daily from 6:00am – 3:00pm, except for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

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