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Tiki Ti Cocktail Lounge

Have you ever chanted whilst you slurped, and watched a bull run free? It’s a loose time, and it happens every time the vibrant cave of the Tiki Ti Cocktail Lounge opens its inhibition free doors. With palm trees and flames already setting the mood outside, this tiny bar’s gigantic atmosphere will consume you within a few limiting steps. It’s Hawaii in the middle of Hollywood. The mirror ball skulls, Tiki masks, lava lamps, love letters, number plates and water features swarm over any spare surface you can find.

Rich in Sunset Boulevard history, ‘The Tik’ has been partying since 1961 when the late Ray Buhen built it with his own hands. If these walls could talk! One of the original ‘Four Boys’ that used to mix tropical drinks in secrecy for the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Joan Crawford, Ray decided to come out from the shadows and create his own history.

Today his son and grandson, both named Mike continue the tradition by mixing potent and delicious concoctions from the 92 selections on the cocktail list. Yes, 92. The confidentiality remains. When you order popular choices like a Himalayan, Skull & Bones, Ray’s Mistake or an Oil Change, you’ll never know, or care what’s in there. The potion will do its job.

With only 12 stools and not much standing room, get down there, enjoy good booze and observe the diversity. The radical range in Los Angelinos says a lot. At any time, order the Uga Buga or El Torro and feel the party air elevate in chants and laughter.

It’s at this moment that you’ll realise how much of an institution Tiki Ti is, and the wild smile it provides.

Tiki Ti Cocktail Lounge is located at 4427 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Hours of Business are: Wednesday - Saturday 4:00pm - 2:00am

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