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Meat Maiden

Once the bewitching black and white Meat Maiden locks her eyes on you, you’ll have no choice but to gravitate towards her. Keep walking. Keep walking down the stairs towards her dungeon and let the industrial clink of metals steps play drum beat to whatever funk is vibrating through the speakers. When you reach the bottom, the transparent automatic doors will welcome you to a very slick and sexy slaughterhouse. Take a breath and absorb. There are slabs of meat hanging, darkened booths, leggy model prints, a cocktail bar and axes…… the vicious is about to get deelicious.

It might be a spin off, a younger sibling, but in its first year of existence, Meat Maiden has let its presence known in the center of Melbourne. With constant bookings, pop-up stalls and festival sightings, she’s made her big Meat Mother in Richmond proud. Tonight I challenge my bread basket to meet my eyes and order a combination of spicy merguez sausage, gravy/spring onion mash, pulled pork and iceberg salad with blue cheese. My stretched stomach might be going to war soon, but my tastebuds are the happiest part of my body. Their selections of flavourful on tap craft beers help with the digestion as well as assist in the celebration of one fine meal.

With ‘the smoke’ well and truly descended upon every inner-city district in Melbourne and choices a plenty, Meat Maiden does more than enough to turn you into a creature of habit. So next time that carnivore mood strikes, be sure to head into this underground city basement for your fix.

You’ll have a bloody good time.

Meat Maiden is located at 195 Little Collins Street Melbourne Hours of operation are: Monday to Saturday 12pm-3pm and 5pm-late

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