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Slowpoke Espresso

Good things happen at Slowpoke. Enter its slim door frame and you’ll see. Chances are high you’ll be sucked in quick.

First there’s the intimate space with beaming natural light. A welcoming nod will follow as the low-fi buzz mellows the mood. This is the place where pulse rates come to relax. If you’re not ready to sit, keep on strolling alongside the kitchen (make sure you inhale), pass the fireplace and head towards the leafiest of courtyards. It’s perfect for sunny mornings. Your day has just led you to its peaceful patch.

If coffee crazy Melbourne had a title for best café district in town, Brunswick Street Fitzroy would be its heavyweight champion. There’s no shortage of choice on this 2km stretch. For almost 10 years now, Slowpoke has cemented its niche amongst the pack and kept away from the bustle at the same time. Located near the quiet corner of Hanover Street, it’s become a melting pot for locals, visitors, tourists and professionals to digest their lives. Travel plans, eventful first dates and stage play monologues are just some of the conversations that take place here. You can’t help but smirk.

Adding to Slowpoke’s character is their support for bio-dynamic, organic and local produce. The food is wholesome and comforting. You can enjoy chomping on Dr. Marty’s crumpets, baked banana bread or soft boiled eggs with soldiers in the morning. If you’ve crawled in late, the lunch menu is stacked with tasty sandwiches and inventive salads. The Bloody Mary is a popular choice also. Just saying.

So, before you explore the streets of Fitzroy with over excitement, be sure to treat your senses within the earthy walls of Slowpoke.

Slurp that coffee, read that press or just enjoy your company.

Your soul will be super-chilled for the experience.

Slowpoke is open 7am-3:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am-3:30pm on weekends. It’s located at 157 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, near the corner of Hanover.

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